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Microsoft Dynamics AX: Take your business into the future
Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for midsize and larger organizations that empowers people to work effectively, manage change, and compete globally. It makes it easy to operate across locations and countries by standardizing processes, providing visibility across your organization, and helping to simplify compliance.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can be confident your business management solution is—and will continue to be—relevant to the needs of your people and the demands of your industry and business.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can provide your organization with business value in a single ERP solution that extends into every area of your operations to help you:
Improve productivity
Manage change and growth.
Compete globally.
Simplify compliance.
Microsoft Dynamics AX meets your business needs
Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to meet the industry-specific needs of midsize and larger organizations that do business across locations and countries. This comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution works like and with familiar Microsoft software, automating and streamlining business processes and connecting you with global customers, business partners, and subsidiaries in a way that helps you drive business success.

Find out how Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you gain better business insight, enable more productive people and processes, compete globally, and manage organizational growth and financial compliance.
Gain better business insight for rapid, effective decision making
Gain real-time access to a common set of accurate business information and help your business operate more efficiently.
Deliver the critical information needed by executives and staff for effective decision making.
Give employees quick insight into predefined views of data tailored to their role.
Enable more productive people and processes
Improve communication and collaboration, and discover better ways to work together, regardless of location.
Automate common tasks and provide role-based access to information.
Enable employees to work in tools they already know and understand like Microsoft Office Outlook and Excel.
Manage organizational growth and gain a competitive advantage
Plan current and future capacity relative to projected growth.
Rapidly respond to new trends and opportunities and identify shifts in purchasing patterns.
Extend access to business systems across your entire organization with role-based functionality.
Manage financial accountability and compliance to promote fiscal responsibility
Strengthen your ability to comply with regulatory legislation.
Enforce compliance with company procedures or quality initiatives by automating workflows.
Provide executives and managers with easy access to key risk indicators.
Become a world-class contender
Consolidate and standardize processes and provide visibility across your organization.
Expand easily across international borders with country- and region-specific functionality
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